Mobile Marketing Strategy: Two True Tales from 2012

Written by Michael Whittington

It’s a hot summer, but July 2012 is also heating up as mobile marketing news gets more and more prevalent. In just the last two weeks alone I’ve seen two mobile marketing campaigns cause heatwaves (again, this is metaphorical heat. Don’t take out your bitterness on a mobile marketing solution). I couldn’t decide which to focus on this week so I’ve split this week’s mobile marketing blog entry into two excellent mobile marketing news stories complete with my own self-effacing commentary.

I love destroying the inside of my body with a bucket of tacos and burritos. When I visit a fast food restaurant I treat it as a challenge. Just how much punishment can my body handle? I’m training for the decathlon, except all three events are eating. What’s the catch to all this? Unlike the health issues you may consider important, my biggest qualm with this lifestyle is not being able to share it with normal human beings; ones with self-respect. Fortunately that’s all about to change. Taco Bell is offering a new Cantina Bell gourmet menu. And what better way to show off their newfound sophistication than with a QR code.

The video above shows items such as lemons and avocados being arranged into the form of a QR code. This mobile marketing solution guides customers to nutritional information about all of Taco Bell’s new items. I expect this will be welcomed by health conscious patrons who count calories but are oh so powerless over the delightful sweetness of cinnamon twists. In addition, the target page of the QR code leads to some videos featuring famous chef and new Taco Bell spokesperson Lorena Garcia.

The video not only offers Taco Bell a mobile marketing strategy but it also promotes the natural ingredients they are proud to be offering. Look, lemons in a square! Lemons are a fruit, and squares aren’t a very threatening shape – they seem stable with those four equal sides. Perhaps Taco Bell isn’t trying to kill you; at least not as quickly as before.

So that’s a mobile marketing strategy I’m excited about for all the wrong reasons. But as I said in my intro, I’m going to split this mobile marketing blog into two parts this week. Let’s take a look at another of this month’s mobile marketing campaigns that has me raving without the dietary consequences and regret.

When I was in school teachers would always try to drill into your brain that reading is good. When that strategy didn’t work, they’d force you to read outside of school and keep a journal about it. But being the rebellious youngster I was I had more important hobbies. I was learning to play guitar and I was also watching television a lot because it’s like reading only they show you what’s happening so you didn’t have to imagine it and then reimagine it six chapters later when they reveal way too late in the story that one character has blonde hair. Regardless, reading text that isn’t on a screen isn’t a huge part of my life, but I know that I can hustle on down to the library if I’m suddenly struck with the desire to peruse a novel. This, I’ve taken for granted.

Not everywhere in the world is that lucky. I’m not even talking about developing countries – the Austrian city of Klagenfurt has never had a public library. However this all changed recently. Well, sort of. As part of a project known as Project Ingeborg, Klagenfort has created its own library by utilizing QR codes. No, they haven’t stumbled upon a mobile marketing solution where an entire 200 pages can fit in a single code’s data. Instead the city has linked a series of more than 70 QR codes and NFC chips to download links for public domain works on Project Gutenberg. The most fascinating part of the mobile marketing campaign is that the library isn’t in a centralized location but rather it expands across the entire city. If there is something you’re looking for specifically, where in town would you expect to find it? Murder mystery? Check near the police station.

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