Mobile Media Marketing Mini Message Mix Madness

Written by Michael Whittington

I only update this mobile marketing blog once a week and usually I waste half the space in each of my entries trying to be funny to mixed results. Of course, a lot can happen in a week’s time and I can’t possibly cover it all with a full mobile marketing blog entry. That’s why this week I thought I’d do something a bit different and write up a series of mini-blogs covering a few of the stories that have slipped through the cracks recently. Here’s the rest of the mobile marketing news from May and June 2012.

Use Mobile Marketing Software to Make a Withdrawal

NCR has been experimenting with a new technology including QR codes on ATMs that can be used to access a checking or savings account. This isn’t a new design, nor is it really a new concept as Mr. Critchett states in the embedded video. It’s merely an alternative way to withdraw money from an ATM. Scan the code on the screen, select the desired amount of money you wish to withdraw and then grab the money from the machine. Critchett claims this approach is beneficial to consumers because it is faster than a standard ATM transaction. What are you people doing at the ATM that causes it to take longer than scanning a QR code and selecting an amount of money? You’re holding up the line. If from the time you scan your card to the time you receive your money exceeds 60 seconds, you are bad at the banking game.

So what is the real benefit here? I got excited when I saw that $10.00 was an option. I thought they had finally made it possible to withdraw amounts that aren’t multiples of $20.00. Then I saw it wasn’t American money and I was let down. It appears the only real benefit of this mobile marketing software application is for the bank in that this process reduces skimming fraud. This is great for their party, but until it becomes mandatory I can’t really see your average account holder bothering with, or trusting, QR codes in this way.

Another Round at the Bar

In the world of social drinking, Guinness has recently designed a glass that only works for mobile marketing advertising if it’s full…of Guinness. If the glass is empty it seems like any other glass, but when it’s full of Guinness a QR code appears on the side. What makes the code even more interesting is that if the glass is filled with a lighter drink like pale amber it doesn’t show up. I can’t verify this, but I have a sneaking suspicion that drinks as dark as Guinness will do the job just as well as the drink itself. If you tilt your computer the right way while looking at the empty glass picture you can partially see the QR code. Really it looks like it was just put on there with white paint. My cousin has a He-Man cup that did the same thing…and he got it in 1983 and subsequently left it at my Grandmother’s house where I can still go look at it whenever I want. Not to mention, if you’ve been drinking enough you’ll probably lose the motor skills required to scan a QR code or even hold your phone steady.

Unlock Characters in Mario Tennis Open with Nintendo’s Mobile Marketing Campaign

I’ve discussed mobile media marketing as a game and I’ve show you mobile media marketing being used within a game, but now Nintendo has made it so a QR code can enhance your game. With the recent release of Mario Tennis Open for the 3DS handheld, Nintendo is allowing players to scan special QR codes with their 3DS (which has built-in mobile marketing software) to unlock secret characters in the game. Currently the only one they have made available is a black-colored Yoshi, but Red, White and Blue Yoshis will also be available via mobile marketing solutions soon. Unfortunately, it seems Nintendo is only experimenting with their mobile marketing campaign in Europe where the technology is more widely accepted than in the United States.

So perhaps I skipped each of these stories because I saw a blatant, burning flaw with each use of mobile marketing advertising. But still, each one involved innovative thinking and, at the very least, should be included in the discussion of what mobile marketing solutions are interesting to consumers, effective, and worth investing in.

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